Finally, a happy hour free of snow, rain, thunder, wind and fighting kids. Nothing but sunshine and clear skies here in Cocoa Beach, Florida. TGIF, people, TGIF … This week found us without our trusty rig. We’ve moved into a monthly furnished rental so we can really see what the neighborhoods (and neighbors) are like […]

Mark told me that the end of my last blog post was “a little dark.” He’s right. My uncertainties aren’t quite as strong as I made them sound. But they are real. We knew this wouldn’t be easy, and there have only been one or two challenges that we didn’t anticipate. Those challenges can be […]

Today we drove from Chattahoochee, Fla., to Lillian, Ala. After 52 days on the road, this was an important milestone. We didn’t just cross another state line. We crossed into what from here on out will be mostly uncharted territory. At nearly every stop so far, we’ve had family (or friends who are like family) […]