This photo was taken the day we closed on our house. It was a typical, rainy Florida summer afternoon. Little did we know what weather would come just a few days after we moved in. Movers brought our first load of household goods – about 10,000 pounds of stuff – on Sept. 5. On the […]

Finally, a happy hour free of snow, rain, thunder, wind and fighting kids. Nothing but sunshine and clear skies here in Cocoa Beach, Florida. TGIF, people, TGIF … This week found us without our trusty rig. We’ve moved into a monthly furnished rental so we can really see what the neighborhoods (and neighbors) are like […]

Mark told me that the end of my last blog post was “a little dark.” He’s right. My uncertainties aren’t quite as strong as I made them sound. But they are real. We knew this wouldn’t be easy, and there have only been one or two challenges that we didn’t anticipate. Those challenges can be […]