Eight months and 19 days.

That’s how long it’s been since I’ve posted here.

How is that even possible?

It feels like we’ve lived a lifetime since then. We sold the RV, bought a house in Florida, enrolled our kids in school, weathered a hurricane that totaled the roof on our new house, sold the big truck and bought a smaller one … and so many other life changes.

Finally, now, there might be light at the end of the tunnel. We are unpacked, settled in, slowly renovating and repairing our house, and I’m building up my freelance writing business.

We still really aren’t sure what life after the Army looks like.

But it’s there. I can feel it. Eight months and 19 days ago I wasn’t so sure.

There’s been a lot of ups, but also a lot of downs. I haven’t quite been ready to write about it all yet, but I am now.

So, as of today, Beyond the Gilded Cage is officially relaunched. We’ll hopefully get into a rhythm soon, with some special weekly features like Monday Memories, Wednesday Wanderings (a spotlight on somewhere we traveled on our RV adventure), and Friday Happy Hour (need we say more!).  In between, we’ll get up to speed on all that’s happened since June 10, 2017, and a lot that happened before.

We’re back, baby.

Thanks for waiting.

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