After an extended break in Colorado and Florida, we’re on the road again.

In December we made our way from College Station, Texas, through New Mexico, into the Grand Canyon and out to Las Vegas. From there, we were headed to Utah for Christmas, but made a last-minute decision to turn south and west to Colorado.

We spent Christmas at the campground at the Air Force Academy, and the next five weeks in Colorado Springs. Then we flew back to Florida for two weeks to take care of some business with the Veteran’s Administration, and back to Colorado for another week.

We got tired of worrying about our plumbing freezing, and having to spend many days cooped up inside our very tiny home. So we took a break from the trailer during much of that time, staying in a long list of vacation rentals, military lodging, hotels, and even a few nights at my mother-in-law’s house.

Now here we are, back in the rig, back in New Mexico, and on our way to California.

We’re not sure how much more traveling we have left in us, but our goal is to go up the West Coast and then across at least part of the far northern United States. We’re starting to seriously discuss where we will settle down, when we will settle down, and what we will do for jobs when we do.

We hoped this trip would make that all clear to us. We hoped we’d drive into some random city, maybe even one we’d never been to before, fall in love, and decide it would be our new home.

Instead, our trip has in many ways made things even less clear.

And I think I know why.

Seeing America the beautiful and teaching our kids about their native country – one in which they’ve spent very little time – is amazing. But without full-time jobs or kids in school and extra-curricular activities or a house to take care of, it can get pretty mundane.

We have too much time to think.

So now we are going to take a step back, stop (for the moment, at least) obsessing over houses and schools in places that we may or may not want to actually live, and enjoy the rest of our trip.

And who knows. Maybe that perfect place is still out there somewhere, just waiting for us to discover it.

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