Today we drove from Chattahoochee, Fla., to Lillian, Ala.

After 52 days on the road, this was an important milestone.

We didn’t just cross another state line. We crossed into what from here on out will be mostly uncharted territory.

At nearly every stop so far, we’ve had family (or friends who are like family) close by. We’ve had people available 24/7 if we needed anything – an extra car, power tools, help with the kids, a helping hand, meals cooked by someone else, somewhere to send our Amazon packages.

We stayed for three weeks in our hometown, where we spent a lot of time with my mother-in-law, caught up with several friends, and ate at our favorite restaurants. I even took the kids to the dentist.

The last two nights were spent near Tallahassee, where Mark and I both went to college.

We still have lots of friends (who are like family) to visit along the way, including some right here in Alabama. But for the rest of our time on the road there will be long stretches where we don’t know anyone, and where we are staying in places we’ve never been before.

We’ve settled into trailer living pretty well, but the traveling part definitely has its challenges. Until now, we’ve been able to take a break in familiar territory, with familiar people. We’ve rarely had to rely on the GPS to tell us where the local grocery store is, or worry about where to find a hospital in an emergency.

Now, we’re on our own.Today is when the adventure really begins.

For the first time since our very first days of this journey I’m nervous.

And there’s a foreboding feeling deep in my gut that asks, “Can we really do this?

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  1. You can do it! Once a military family – ALWAYS a military family! We adapt, we learn, we overcome! Keep having fun as you continue your journey!

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