Our rig, ready to hit the road for the first time.

The adventure has begun

We spent most of Saturday at Keystone RV Center in Greencastle, PA, getting a two-hour orientation to our fifth wheel trailer, having a hitch installed and then getting some brief hook-up and towing instructions. We finally pulled out with the big rig around 3 p.m. and drove an hour to our first campground.

My husband Mark drove that thing like a boss, save for a bit of trouble getting out of the parking lot at the trailer dealer. We learned quickly that right-hand turns are tight when you are maneuvering something the size of a semi-truck. We didn’t hit anything, but it did give Mark a chance to practice his backing-up skills a little sooner than he had hoped. It also revealed just how weak my ground-guide skills are.

Call it Glitch No. 1.

We asked for a wide pull-through site at the campground and got set up pretty easily. Leveled the trailer, plugged in the power and hooked up the water. Then we discovered a leak under the kitchen sink.

The leak turned out be a pretty easy fix after a trip to Harbor Freight, and I suppose it was a good introduction to RV living – something will almost always go wrong or need to be fixed.

Call that one Glitch No. 2.

The first night of sleeping was pretty comfortable, and I think we are all happy to be “home.”

After two runs to Target and Lowe’s, and trips to Wal-Mart and Kohl’s – plus the 10 boxes of stuff we had shipped to a friend’s house nearby – we spent our first day getting organized and starting to put everything away.

Last night when it was time for the kids to take showers, we discovered that our “grey tank” that holds the water that drains out of the main shower and bathroom sink already needed to be dumped.

To do that, you hook up to the sewer connection at the campsite. That’s when we realized we had spent $100 on the wrong kind of sewer hose.

Yep, Glitch No. 3.

This morning, on day 2, the kids are still asleep and I am enjoying some quiet time while Mark goes in search of a new sewer hose.

For newbies, I’d say we are doing pretty good. We are anxious to get on the road and see more friends, family and the rest of the U.S.A.

After we arrived at the campground Friday Mark declared of our first towing experience: “That did not suck.”

Let’s hope this journey continues to not suck, or at least not suck very often.

8 thoughts on “First steps of the journey

  1. Oh no – I remember sewer problems and yelling “oh sh**” because it really was sh**. How did you end up with the wrong sewer hose? I remember form our trip that they were standard size.

    1. Apparently we got one that is supposed to be a “quick connect,” but to make it work you have to saw off your current connection from the trailer and epoxy on a piece of PVC. Being newbies, we had bought that one at the camper store. A quick trip to Wal-Mart solved the problem. And luckily Mark was draining the grey tank, because it did spew out all over him! That being said, I also think that because we have two bathrooms (and three grey tanks total) our tanks are smaller than usual. We had to dump the tank tonight after each kid took a shower. We’re working on getting set up so we can leave the hose connected, but need to get a track system to keep it elevated.

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