Many of you have asked where we are going on our big adventure. Our goal is not to see all 50 states, but to focus on three things: Where we want to live, visiting friends and family, and seeing as many places of historical, cultural or geological significance as possible.

It seems like by now, less than four weeks out from leaving Germany, we’d have our plan pretty much nailed down. But we are notorious last-minute planners and, because of Mark’s job, we are not used to being able to more than a few days out (or sometimes even hours) to specific travel dates and places.

So yesterday we had a family meeting with a dry-erase map and some markers, and really started plotting our journey. We also made our first campground reservation, which was quite a big step.

We’re scheduled to land in Baltimore on Aug. 18, where we will finalize our truck purchase and then head to Pennsylvania to drop off some stuff where our trailer is being stored. Then, to break in the truck, we plan a week or so road trip without the trailer to Philadelphia and Boston and further up into New Hampshire and maybe Maine.

After that we’ll pick up the trailer, get it all squared away and head to visit family in Indiana and Florida, and then across the southern states toward California, where we hope to take a (free!) military hop to Hawaii. The plan from there is pretty fluid – we plan to spend most of the winter in the western states and then head back east across the top in spring, and probably loop back down again through Indiana to Florida.

There will be some zig-zagging and backtracking, simply because we have a lot of people we want to see, and because of weather considerations. We do plan to spend at least part of the winter in the Rocky Mountains, but how long we last will depend on how well the trailer (and the people) stand up to the weather.

Just a few of the highlights we plan to take in along the way:

  • Gettysburg Battlefield.
  • The Liberty Bell.
  • The Freedom Trail.
  • Houston Space Center.
  • Several colleges and universities, to include MIT, Harvard and Stanford.
  • Many, many national parks and monuments, including Mt. Rushmore, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Arches, Sequoia, the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.
  • States we might want to live in, specifically Utah and Colorado and anywhere else in the Rocky Mountains with easily accessible skiing.

That’s a pretty short list, but there are many more we are still nailing down. I have a feeling this year is going to fly by way faster than we think!





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