Tonight I took a train from Stuttgart to Ramstein Air Base, where tomorrow I will attempt to get on a Space A military flight (aka free!) to the U.S.

My mission: Buy a fifth wheel trailer that will become our home for up to a year.

For those who had their doubts – including us – yes, we are really doing this.

This is a crucial first step and one we’ve been agonizing over for months. Once we purchase the trailer, we can get on with planning the rest of the trip. Most importantly, we’ll have a starting point for our itinerary.

I’m armed with a loan pre-approval, power of attorney to sign my husband’s life away, copies of all his identification cards, maps, a GPS, phone numbers and addresses, my lucky Special Forces necklace, and my Motley Crue concert t-shirt.

(Note: I’m not stereotyping or anything, but I am hoping that the middle-aged-sounding sales dude I have been emailing with at a dealership in Pennsylvania will feel a kindred spirit when he sees the shirt. Sadly, I don’t have a Kid Rock concert t-shirt or that would have been my first choice. The Crue will have to do. Fingers crossed.)

For the rest of the week I’ll post daily updates to the blog, and even more to Facebook and Twitter.

Wish me luck and follow along as I face off with sales managers who have no idea how much I don’t care about solid maple cabinets, granite countertops or an upgraded exterior color scheme.

That Bluetooth stereo system, however is at the top of my list …


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