Today is April 18. That means we are at T-120 days and counting until our next adventure starts.

Here’s an update on where we stand now in our planning:

  • Mark attended the transition briefings, and has completed most of the medical screenings. The medical screenings required at least half-dozen trips to Landstuhl Medical Center, about two hours north of here. Next up: VA screening to determine what, if any, disabilities ratings he qualifies for.
  • I went to see my doctor and requested several referrals and lab work, just to make sure I am also in tip-top shape while we still have active-duty insurance. Next up: Dental appointments for all.
  • We have two appointments next week – one to amend some paperwork (changes to the DD214, for you military folk) and one to set the date for our movers to come. Next up: Purging our stuff.
  • Tomorrow I am going to try and get our flight to the U.S. arranged. Next up: Veterinarian check and paperwork for Chuey, our cat.
  • The school has been notified that the kids won’t be registering for next year. Next up: Turning in a request for their records.
  • We’ve worked out where to store our Volvo for the year or so we’ll be traveling. Next up: Shipping it back to the U.S.
  • We’ve given ourselves a budget to live on, both for the next four months and for the year after that. Next up: Trying to live on half the money we have coming in now.
  • We know what truck we want to buy, and how big of one we’ll need. Next step: Hoping I can drive that sucker.
  • I’ve got my name on the list for a Space-A flight back to the U.S., and plan to go next month. Next up: Narrowing down our list of top trailer picks.

Whew! That’s a long list, but much shorter than it was a few months ago. Progress is being made.


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