This week we are on vacation in Italy, and my husband and kids are enjoying the ski slopes. This got me thinking … Italy is the sixth different country where my kids have skied, the others being the U.S, Canada, Germany, Austria and France. How many kids who are 11 and 14 years old can say that?

We’ve racked up quite a few other impressive stats in the past 25 years as well. I’ve written about these before, but they change with every move. Here’s a look at our military life by the numbers:

  • Duty Stations: Nine, including Ft. Benning, Georgia (twice); Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; Ft. Bragg, N.C.; Okinawa, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; MacDill Air Force Base in Florida (twice); Ft. Riley, Kansas; Stuttgart, Germany (three times); Toronto, Canada.
  • Moves across an ocean: 10.
  • Homes lived in: 19. Of those, only four were actual single-family homes.
  • Number of apartments lived in on the third floor or higher with no elevator: Four.
  • Cars owned: 14.
  • Countries visited (by me): 31. Among the most interesting were Macedonia, Albania, Cambodia, Indonesia and East Timor.
  • Trips to Iraq or Afghanistan (by Mark): At least 10, and maybe a few more that I don’t remember. The first was in 2004, the most recent in 2013.
  • Full-time jobs held (by me): Six.
  • Number of schools attended by my eighth grader: Six.

5 thoughts on “Military life by the numbers

  1. Since our 2001 wedding, NINE duty stations in Savannah Georgia, Ft. Benning Georgia, Ft. Bragg North Carolina, Stuttgart Germany, Monterey California, Rome Italy, Bloomington Indiana, McDill Florida and now back to Germany in Bonn. In these nine places, we have lived in 12 DIFFERENT homes! Our 5th grader has gone to FOUR different schools. And we have visited England, Ireland, Sweden, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Albania, Hungary, Kosovo, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, The Vatican and Portugual as well as Italy and Germany. Pretty good for 14 years of marriage! I have no idea Jason’s trips to I
    Afghanistan and ‘other’ places…..his first trip to Iraq was in 1991 at age 18 though. But I’m thankful for the first tour in 2004 to Stuttgart….I met one of my favorite lady’s–you!

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