Now that it’s out there – our plan to travel across the U.S. starting next summer – some of you might think we are a little crazy.

We’ll likely be hauling a 40-foot trailer behind a one-ton pickup truck. All of our belongings, including the only car we own, will go into storage. We’ve got two kids. And a cat.

We’ve got to homeschool, live on a budget half of what we have now, figure out where to stay and how to park and on and on and on.

We’ve never done anything like this before. We’re like those people who start a restaurant without having any idea how many hours a week they will have to work, or decide to do a DIY renovation on their house without ever having lifted a power tool before, or set out on an ocean voyage only to discover they are prone to seasickness.

What are we thinking?

If I was one to want to be on TV, I think we could pitch a pretty good reality show.

The kids could be filmed doing adventurous stunts throughout our journey – bungee jumping, go-karting, trying local foods. Their wholesome antics could be aired on a network like Discovery Kids or ABC Family.

Mark and I, meanwhile, would star in outtakes suitable only for YouTube: He and I standing in the dark behind our rig, doing shots and chain-smoking, arguing about the wrong turn we took or who clogged the sewage hose or how we are ever going to have sex again when we live in a 320-square-foot trailer with two kids and a cat.

Yep. Sounds fun.

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